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Health Benefits Of Reading

Health Benefits Of Reading
Health Benefits Of Reading

Health Benefits Of Reading: Why You Should Read Books – We live in a time where reading books are viewed as old school. And it isn’t just the kids, either. Even the adults don’t read as much as the older generations did. They are either too busy with work or opt for movies, games or playing with their mobile phone. The following are just five reasons why reading is beneficial to us all.

1. It Makes You Smar

No denying that people who read are way smarter than those who don’t. I mean, you now have the knowledge to talk about things with others. You have the information to carry out a conversation, unlike people who cower away due to lack of knowledge. You can fit in any situation because you have read up on certain things and are updated with current events.

2. Enriches The Vocabulary

There are no doubts about the fact that reading will enrich your vocabulary. You will not be sticking to the usage of everyday words but rather learn newer and more synonyms of certain words And this helps you in life as well as it enables you to describe your feelings in a more picturesque manner. I myself have seen how comfortable I am having a conversation with people where I can use various words instead of repeating the same thing. And it all happened because I read a lot during my teenage days.

3. Enhances Your Creativity

When you are reading on a constant basis, your overall creativity levels will increase by leaps and bounds. Why? Because you are now acquiring a lot of new knowledge and new data that you can use in your daily life. Not just that, if you are reading the work of different writers, then you get a full insight as to how they think and how they perceive things. This broadens your mind and you can use tit-bits of one writer and a few more and enhance your own creativity.

4. Insomnia Cure

This may be the best selling point for reading books. So many people are suffering from insomnia that they would do anything to get a good night’s sleep. Reading has this effect on your whole body and mind. It calms you down and signals your brain that it’s time to relax and shut down. We are always on our smartphones and laptops and the lights coming out of those devices signals our brain to stay awake. So when you are reading quietly in a dimly lit room, your brain gets the idea that it can fall asleep now. If that doesn’t convince you to start reading then I do envy your ability to sleep on time.

5. Stress Reliever

You may not believe this but reading can actually help you to relieve your stress. How may you ask? Well, when you are stressed it obviously means that something is in your mind that’s making your overthink. In such situations, if you take out a book and start reading it, you will be diverting your mind away from that stressful topic and be taken to a world of fiction and literature. This helps you to calm down and as we all know, a calm mind is more adept at finding solutions than a stressed out one.

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