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Popular Telenovelas Ghanaians Can’t Stop Talking About

Top 10 Popular Telenovelas Ghanaians Cannot Stop Talking About
Top 10 Popular Telenovelas Ghanaians Cannot Stop Talking About

Top 10 Popular Telenovelas Ghanaians Cannot Stop Talking About – Telenovelas have for quite a while presently been among the most loved TV shows of most, if not all Ghanaians. Unmistakable among their decisions is those whose characters were portrayed as twi speakers. These telenovelas gave most watchers something to look up to at the end of a stressful day or week. Below are 10 popular telenovelas Ghanaians can’t quit discussing.

Second chance

El Cuerpo del Deseo, famously known as Second Chance, is one of the earliest shown Spanish telenovelas in Ghana. It showed up in the Ghanaian TV space in 2008. Till date, Second Chance manages to pop up whenever telenovelas are talked about.

La Gata

This Spanish TV series debuted in March, 2012 on United Television (UTV). It was among the most viewed TV series that existed in the media space. As indicated by the Ghana film industry, it was the most searched for TV series in Ghana in 2015.

Curse by the Sea

This Spanish – language Mexican TV series, originally known as Mar de Amor, started debuting in Ghana in 2009 on one of the significant TV stations. This series spun around a couple of amazing themes including heartbreak, love, seduction, depression among others that aggregately made it really enticing and enjoyable. Well known characters like Estrella, Victor Manuel, Guillermo, Coral and so on clearly understood their task.

Storm Over Paradise

This telenovela wa perhaps the most talked about Mexican series here in Ghana. It has a touch of drama and depicted a battle between greed, love and destiny. It started started showing on Viasat1 TV in January, 2010. It’s been eleven years down the line and most Ghanaians still talk about it.

Wild At Heart (Corazon Indomable)

This telenovela which began premiering in 2013 on UTV is among the most watched foreign shows in Ghana. It was ultimately named “Maricruz”, after one of the major characters in the show and was the discussion everyday that it was shown.

Mara And Clara

This Philippines TV series started premiering in Ghana on TV Africa in December, 2013. It had a magnificent storyline which portrayed two of the main characters, Mara and Clara, separated after birth with one of them being brought up in a rich home and the other in a poor home. Their identities were later revealed and you can imagine the dramatization that followed.

Don’t Mess With An Angel

At the mention of “Don’t mess with an angel”, names like Juan Miguel, Marichuy and Estefania, among others, flood our minds, making us think back about the days when the series was displayed on TV. Students used to surge home from school and traders from the market to make sure they don’t miss this Mexican telenovela.


Rosalinda is one of the earliest Mexican telenovelas to beauty our screens during the 90s. It is known as the telenovela whose creation was costly and is the most watched everywhere. Thoughts of this series open up memories that new generations were not granted the chance to have. It was shown on TV3 which was known to be the lead telecaster of such TV series at that time.


Displayed on Metro TV, Daniella revolved around a young lady who was nicknamed “the little devil”. It depicted the themes of love, betrayal, death and rivalry, among different themes in an emotional way that dazzled viewers. Till date, Daniella springs up when Ghanaians talk about their most loved telenovelas.

Kumkum Bhagya.

This is perhaps the most talked about telenovelas that grasped the heart of a few Ghanaians. It was dsaplayed on Adom TV and had a tremendous viewership base likely because of the way that the characters “talked” one of the local dialects – Twi to be precise. It is additionally the series that spent the most time on the screens, crossing over a time of around 3 years. Should you ask any Ghanaian To mention their most loved telenovelas, Kumkum Bhagya is sure to be amongst them.

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