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Eight Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Comfortable During Her Periods

Eight Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Comfortable During Her Periods
Eight Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Comfortable During Her Periods

Eight Ways To Be Perfect Lover During Her Period – When your babe’s monthly visitor is around, the initial instinct of perhaps the most patient lover may be to hide and wait for ‘it’ to run its course and go away.

Unfortunately, this may not always be the best course of action. Have in mind that, a girl on her period isn’t to be feared or avoided like some plague. You simply need to understand what she’s going through and how to make her feel better.

Your babe’s period is one of the perfect opportunities for you to step up and show her that you’re man enough to take care of her and more importantly that you don’t love her less.

Below are eight ways you can be a perfect lover to your babe during her ‘red alert’:

1. Ask Her What You Can Do To Help

There’s no miracle cure for making a girl on her period feel better. Every woman has different preferences but you can somehow make a difference. As such in other not to be found wanting, just ask her what you can do to help out.

Whether it’s running to the store to get pads or tampons or helping out with the chores, just keep in mind that she may be feeling really horrible and that those simple tasks can mean the world to her.

2. Answer Questions With Care

A girl on her period may not realize it, but there are times when they can’t help but put their men in the spotlight by asking questions that have no right answer.

And when you attempt to answer those questions, you may be assaulted by a bombardment of angry words, tears, and the occasional threat to break up.

3. Avoid Sensitive Subjects

Your woman may usually be a rational and easygoing person. But when she’s on her period, she may not respond with the same nonchalance as she would on a regular day.

So before you tell her about your honest opinion on one of her all-time favourite movies or casually mention an out-of-town trip with just the guys, consider telling her about it when she’s no longer as moody.

Anything that might elicit the slightest hint of annoyance might turn into full-blown anger when a girl is on her period and already battling her hormones.

With that said, it’s best to keep the conversation light and soothing, at least until she’s done with her period.

4. Give Her Food

Losing blood and feeling bloated can be pretty exhausting for a girl on her period. It can drain so much of a woman’s energy that she’d be too tired to prepare a meal.

In these cases, one of the best gifts you can give her is her favourite food. Sometimes, women on their period can act like pregnant women in that they may start to have unusual cravings.

In cases like these, it’s ideal to ask her what she would like before heading out to get it for her.

5. Get Gaughty

Some experts say that having sex or just engaging in foreplay can help soothe the cramps a girl experiences along with her periods.

Albeit, it’s mostly a matter of preference if you want to engage in some horizontal tango while it’s all ‘bloody’ around. If you’re convinced you can go through with it, why not? Go for it.

Just remember that she may feel extremely unsexy during this time of the month although, for some other women, this is when they feel the horniest. So, to avoid a tedious clean up after the cat, it’s best it’s done in the shower.

6. Treat Her Like A Queen

You should have a lot more empathy for your beau when she’s on her period just in case you’re the kind of lover who has little or none.

So, during these few days, you need to suck it up and be nice as pie. Treat her, show her that you care, and basically do all the things you should be doing a lot more of anyway!

7. Be As Patient As You Can Possibly Be

While you’re the recipient of her hormonal rage, keep in mind that the state she’s in won’t last for more than a couple of days. After that, she’ll be back to her usual self.

Also, during these times, it may be a good idea to be extra nice, just for added measure.

Ensure to keep words like, “I’m sorry,” “You’re right,” and “It’s fine with me” in your vocabulary for use in conversations that are teetering precariously on the argument vs. conversation line.

8. Compliment, Tell Her How Much You Love And Care For Her

Beyond dishing out all the nice treatment you have up your sleeves, make sure you compliment her looks, even if you have to lie sometimes…lo!

Also, butter her up with sweet nothings by telling her how much you love, adore, cherish and care for her.

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