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“We Are Not Fools In Real Life, Respect Comedians” – Lawyer Nti

Lawyer Nti
Lawyer Nti

“Respect Comedians, We Are Not Fools In Real Life” Lawyer Nti – Ghanaian comic actor, Lawyer Nti has cleared confusions about comedians, saying they are not “stupid” in real life as many individuals perceive.

As indicated by the “Kejetia Vs Makola” star, numerous individuals see comedians to be Stupid in real life because of the nature of their career.

He said comic actors, actually like any common human, merit some respect too because they don’t live the way in which they show up in front of an audience or in films.

He offered this expression in one of his tweets yesterday.

“Naturally people see comedians and their first thought is ‘fool’ and as such treat us with ‘fooling amount of respect’,” he tweeted.

He said numerous individuals assume comedians will goof with them when they meet them in public, yet in some cases, they ought to be given a ‘bit more respect’.

“Some want you to start fooling with them right there aa mpo. We understand it’s all love but sometimes ‘respect’ a bit more. We are not fools; we simply do comedy,” he added.

In the interim, Lawyer Nti has said back in 2008, he looked up to Sarkodie and needed to have a comparative impact in the entertainment industry but didn’t expect him to reach the level he is now.

“Back in 2008, the bio I put on Facebook was ‘… I will be to the Ghana movie industry what Sarkodie is to the Ghana music industry’. Even back then I believed strongly @sarkodie was going to be very big but boy has he exceeded my expectations. The work edey my front big pass” he tweeted.

He said Sarkodie has made a bewildering investment in himself and his image, adding that most artists don’t like him yet kiss his ass in public.

“The amount of investment, no just financially, Sarkodie has done in the past few years on himself and his career is astonishing. The brand he has right now is outstanding. Most musicians don’t like him but bro, you’ll respect him & even kiss his ass in public. Sark is favoured”. Lawyer Nti tweeted.

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