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Would You Be Able To Get Pregnant On Your Period?


Would you be able to Get Pregnant on Your Period? – Understanding your cycle is critical

Your period came, so does that mean you can be somewhat more careless about anti-conception medication? All things considered, you can’t get pregnant while Aunt Flo is near, isn’t that so?

It’s not exactly that straightforward, says Ob/Gyn Amy Stephens, MD. She clears up the disarray about fruitfulness and your month to month cycle.

Richness windows

The most rich time of your cycle, when you are destined to get pregnant, is the point at which you ovulate, or discharge an egg, Dr. Stephens clarifies. That commonly happens halfway between periods.

So in the event that you have a customary 28-day cycle, Day 1 would be the primary day of your period, and you would ovulate around Day 14. “You have the most elevated possibility of getting pregnant during the couple of days when that day,” she says.

In any case, that is a general rule and not a standard. “You can get pregnant outside that window,” Dr. Stephens says.

Ovulation timing

On the off chance that you have unprotected sex during or directly after your period, there is a lower possibility of getting pregnant. “Be that as it may, the odds are not zero,” Dr. Stephens stresses.

That is particularly valid for ladies with sporadic periods, whose ovulation date is more diligently to foresee. Indeed, even ladies who typically have periods predictably can encounter an erratic cycle as the aftereffect of things like pressure, hormonal changes, and losing or putting on weight.

Having a shorter-than-normal cycle likewise builds your danger of considering during period sex. That is on the grounds that sperm can live inside you for as long as 5 days. They could even now be staying nearby, searching for affection, on the off chance that you discharge an egg 4 or 5 days after your period closes.

How not to get pregnant

On the off chance that you need to get pregnant, plan to get spirited somewhere between periods for the best possibilities. However, on the off chance that pregnancy is what you’re attempting to keep away from, there are a whole lot preferable strategies over utilizing your period as a guide.

“The most ideal approach to forestall pregnancy is to utilize a dependable type of conception prevention,” Dr. Stephens says.

No doubt, you presumably definitely realized that. Be that as it may, presently you know the entire story.

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