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My Beef With Eno Was To Hype Her – Medikal

My Beef With Eno Was To Hype Her - MedikalMy beef with Eno was to hype her Medikal – Months after the super-warmed beef between rappers, Medikal and Eno Barony which curiously took over Twitter for quite a while, Medikal has come out to state that he doesn’t have any issue with his female associate and that the entire beef was nothing personal.

He told host, Rev. Erskine, during a meeting on the Myd-Morning Radio Show which airs on Y107.9FM that he isn’t certain there is any connection between them, notwithstanding, he doesn’t blame her for anything.

“On Twitter, I was just bored so I was having fun. It was nothing personal, just me trying to have fun and trying to bring attention on her, trying to put light on her and let people know that she’s actually very good”, he said.

The ‘Omo ada’ hitmaker admitted that Eno is a very dope rapper and that is something he has consistently been telling individuals. Discussing whether they will ever record a melody together, he communicated positivity at the possibility.

“Everything is possible in this universe. I can’t say anything right now but obviously, as we are in this world and we can never predict tomorrow, it is possible that we can record songs together”, AMG Medikal further finished up.

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