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I Slept By A Refuse Dump All Night – J.A. Adofo Reveals

I Slept By A Refuse Dump All Night – J.A. Adofo RevealsI Slept By A Refuse Dump All Night To Avoid A Robbery J.A. Adofo Reveals – Amazing high life performer, Obuoba J.A. Adofo, has opened up on the saddest day in his music career, describing how he went through the night at a refuse dump to abstain from being looted.

The artist said he had made a trip to Agege, a suburb of Lagos State in Nigeria, to buy a vehicle – Mitsubishi.

As indicated by J.A. Adofo, they were constrained to go through the night in a lodging, he calls Kwanda since the organization had shut when they showed up.

“Some two Ghanaians I met advised me not to sleep at the hotel because it was notorious for robberies. Out of fear, I took a blanket and moved down to a refuse dump by the side of the hotel where I spent the night till the next day”, he uncovered.

He declined the proposal to remain in the home of the Ghanaians inspired by a paranoid fear of being cheated by them.

He included that, “true to the words of his Ghanaian acquaintances, the whole hotel was robbed that night”.

The incredible artiste clarified that the man who drove him and his manager to Nigeria had really schemed with the armed robbers to rob him.

Illuminating the occurrence, Mr. Adofo said that the man was possibly keen on his whereabouts when he went to the lodging toward the beginning of the day.

He described that, “my manager, Mr. Nyarko, suggested that I leave for Ghana via a commercial bus after we finally bought the car while he came later with the car”.

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