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Ghanaians React To Sarkodie’s Presidential Ambition

Ghanaians React To Sarkodie’s Presidential AmbitionGhanaians React To Sarkodie’s Presidential Ambition – Rapper Sarkodie has revealed by means of his social networking handles that he has plans to challenge as a presidential candidate in the 2024 decisions so what does his fans think about it?

“Presidential candidate 2020 anaa mo se?“, he quizzed in Twi language.

His disclosure was met with blended emotions. A great deal of his followers think he’ll make a decent president whiles others likewise believe he’s not fit to deal with the issues of an entire nation like Ghana.

One Facebook client asked that Sarkodie wasn’t able to manage his former signee Strongman enough so what makes him think he can manage Ghana?

One fan, Saviola Chris prompted Sarkodie that Presidency isn’t his field so he ought to rather focus on uncovering gifts. He composed:

“Please don’t break our heart. Politics is not your ministry, there are more talents like your self who needs to be discovered, set up a platform to discover these talents and cause the needful impact you want to make should you be president. Sarkodie please you saw how challenging it was for you to break through, please open up for young talents to realize their full potentials. That way you will continue to remain legend you have always been. long live Sarkodie”.

Another concerned fan Christian Roberts likewise composed:

“Please king SARK keep striving for positive change in entrepreneurship and music. Politics is not negative but sometimes tend to change the individual which tend to create extreme diversity. U always and forever be my mentor, idol, motivator, admirer and inspiration as your lifestyle creates a positive impact in my life. More blessings on blessings King SARK keep striving for.”

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