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Criss Waddle Has Been My Life Changer – Medikal

Criss Waddle Has Been My Life Changer – MedikalCriss Waddle Has Been My Life Changer Medikal – Medikal has recognized the quantum of the constructive outcome his relationship with Criss Waddle has had on his life and music career inside and out.

As indicated by the ‘Omo Ada’ hitmaker, he accepts his life has and could never return to how it was the point at which he initially met the AMG Business CEO.

In a tweet that conveyed a great deal of feelings and significant appreciation, Medikal communicated that he is so obligated to Criss Waddle for being the Midas contact to his life and melodic journey.

Medikal has never stopped to express gratitude toward Criss Waddle and acknowledge how he has helped him and his career to ascend from the doldrums of nothingness when he was scarcely known over the roads of Sowutuom to the high echelons of intensity and acknowledgment.

Medikal is one of the hotcakes in Ghana with regards to contemporary rap and music. His open intrigue has expanded and you can’t talk about the best five artistes in Ghana as of now without including his name.

As per him, he owes all an incredible accomplishment to the relationship he worked with Criss Waddle and he is cocksure his life, specifically, has changed for good. Medikal was marked on to the Arab Money Gang Record Label in 2010 yet rose to unmistakable quality in 2016 and has since been significant.

Check his post out beneath.

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