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13 Things You Never Knew About iPhone

13 Things You Never Knew About iPhone
13 Things You Never Knew About iPhone

13 Things You Never Knew About iPhone – iPhone is said to be the greatest invention by Apple. Almost, no customer has expressed dissatisfaction with an iPhone.

Just holding the iPhone gives a pretty satisfaction feeling. With all these, there are certain things that your iPhone can do that you don’t know.

Below are 13 things that iPhone can do that you haven’t heard of.

1. It charges faster

You may be annoyed that your iPhone takes too long to charge then this is for you. iPhone can and does charge twice as fast when it’s in airplane mode. When you are late and need to charge your phone quick then this is super effective. You try it yourself and see the results.

2. The pass codes can be words instead of numbers

That’s true, texts and words can be used for your pass codes instead of random numbers. To do this, go to settings, general, click on pass code lock. There, turn off the setting that says simple pass code. You will now get a QWERTY keypad to change your pass code. So the next time you try to unlock your phone, the full QWERTY keypad will appear.

3. Siri can be used for entertainment purpose

We all try talking with Siri not just for giving commands but having a regular conversation. However, Siri can be used for entertainment purpose. Siri has gotten a lot of jokes and witty comebacks that can make your day. You can make use of that.

4. Snap the perfect picture

It is an obvious fact that the iPhone takes quality pictures. However, in order to get the perfect picture, hold down on the shutter button. This automatically activates the burst mode. The phone will the capture tons of your pictures at a succession and save them in your gallery. You can then select the perfect picture from the collection later.

5. Use Your Headphone to take Selfies

Yes, you read it rightfully. You can take selfies with your headphones. Plug it and click on the button to take a selfie. Noe need to buy a selfie stick to snap the perfect image.

6. Let Siri read your mails for you

You better make the most out of it, when you have an AI like Siri. When you get an email, make Siri read it out for you, instead of looking at it and reading it.

7. You can know who is texting without looking

You can know who has texted you without looking at the screen. You can identify the sender by the vibrations made during the notification. You can customize different vibrations for different people on your contact list. Go to settings, click on sounds, click on ringtone and then choose vibrations. Once you are there, click on new vibrations and assign different vibrations to different people.

8. Turn your phone to stealth mode

Your iPhone can be turned into stealth mode for night browsing. This basically invert the colors of your phone. The screen becomes and black and the texts become white and this ensures that there is less strain on your eyes. It is a pretty good option for your health. To activate, go to settings, then accessibility and turn of “invert colors”.

9. Use Siri in tweeting

You can let Siri tweet for you. You don’t need to open the Twitter app to tweet. Just add Twitter as one of your contacts in Contacts. You can simply then command Siri to text for you as if you are texting to any other person and Siri will tweet for you.

10. You can hide yourself from websites when browsing

You can ensure privacy from websites by modifying a few settings. By doing this, your location and your information will not be revealed or leaked. This also avoid you getting spammed. To activate, go to settings, then Safari and click on the tab for Private Browsing.

11. You can hide your Whatsapp messages

Do you want to keep your Whatsapp messages private? Simply go to settings, click on notifications, Chose messages and click on “show preview”. Turn this option off. With this, you no longer get a preview of the message when it arrives. This way, you are keeping things private.

12. Save Time

Whenever you make a mistake while typing something, you can erase it by simply shaking your phone. There is no need to press the reverse button repeatedly to correct your mistake. This save a lot of time and it’s effective.

13. Practice with Siri

You all know how good Siri is in helping us text people and reading our mails. You can also try using your entire pick up lines on Siri. See which ones work and which ones don’t. By doing this, you get a good practice using your pick up lines.

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